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Banking & Finance :

AMG Impex augments business method and diminish equipped price structures in IT and business areas by maximising consistency and preservation across customer's to ensure probable for continued growth. Implement additional firmness within risk management and business dominance from board level down.The quick growing technology and speedy changes within the technology with respect of your time is making urgency within the banking sector to extend their performance by implementing subtle applications to manage the complete method of the banking and finance business to satisfy on going demands from business and customers.

Therefore banking and monetary sector needs sturdy solutions to retain and harness client base whereas at an equivalent time increase shareholders worth either by competitive or collaborating with the world powers, through consolidations and convergence.The advent of net and growing code technology has enabled the industry to line a really virtual banking expertise.

Heightened shopper awareness of net fraud and fraud can encourage banks to develop new offerings that mix standard product with fraud and fraud protection services. Fresh sceptered customers expect customised, simply accessible services that area unit simple to use and reliable. This maybe could be a little bit of a fantasy story for currently, however technology and its impact on banking is that it's dynamical the industry into a virtual world that may be accessed from any pc.

Why Choose Robustek Solutions?
We provide cutting-edge, business specific IT solutions catering to banks and financial institutes. These IT solutions range across different domains and technology spectrum. With the added advantage of a renovated IT landscape at our disposal; our IT professionals help banks and financial institutes in reducing costs through automation and accelerators. If you wish to build on unique and customized digital banking and financial IT solutions; then affiliate with Robustek Solutions ITO.

Our Services :
AMG is a trusted partner to many of today’s largest financial services institutions. We engage at all levels, including technologies, cultures and business models, to ensure successful enterprise-class digital transformations. Our services are defined by integrated approaches, an innovative mindset and strong strategic advisory capabilities.

Digital Banking :

  • New Business Models Through Platforms
  • Monetizing the API Ecosystem
  • New Business Models Through Platforms
  • Security Advisers & Protective Process
  • Human-centric Banking Channels Design
  • Machine Learning Solutions & Predictive Models

Principal Growth & Optimization :

  • Core Commercial Processes Support
  • Core Banking Technology Evolution
  • Corporate & Investment Banking Solutions

Cross Domain Services :

  • Architecture CoE
  • Quality Assurance
  • Cloud Strategy, Migration & Operation
  • Agile Banking Transformation

AMG offers necessary innovative and futuristic solutions to banks and financial institutes of the modern world. Many of our customers are medium to large institutes leveraging the possibilities of our software solutions. We have helped many modern day economy churners by automating their operations in one or many segments.

AMG Impex offerings for the finance vertical is towards delivering fast and easy access to bottom-line information to run businesses and for efficient financial management system. They effectively meet the unique needs of clients from the vertical, enhancing and expanding existing systems and workflows, maintaining systems or designing and developing new systems with proven best practices to deliver cost-effective solutions.

AMG Impex finance service includes followings :

  • Application design and development
  • Application and Production support and helpdesk
  • Application re-engineering
  • Application maintenance
  • Product customization and implementation
  • Migration services
  • Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing
  • CRM implementation

Overview :
There are varied functional areas for retail business. Today Retail is one of the most promising businesses all over the world. Many major companies have diversified in to retail operations as it is being perceived as one of the most happening business globally. Today retail business operates in various ways and forms and also with increasing complexities in order to stay ahead of the competition.

But, to manage these activities one needs to have a dedicated and a reliable integrated business application which can integrate both stores operation in the front-end and back-office at the back-end. Though the organizations have a legacy system running but these applications are not integrated, duplication of work cannot be avoided and hence on-line, accurate and up-to-date reporting is ruled out.

Hence there is a dire need to put in place an Integrated Business Solution that would present to the process owners and decision makers of organizations a seamless view of various functional domains viz. Retail Management, store management, sales management, purchase management, inventory & warehouse management and financial management with proper control and monitoring mechanisms in order to facilitate better and faster decision making in a structured manner.

AMG Capability on Retail Management System :
The Integrated Business Solution is expected to fetch the following business benefits for the organization :

  • Up-to-date information on sale per retail outlet.
  • Better Cash Flow management thanks to online information on cash flow.
  • Better management & monitoring of stock movements thanks to online information on stock position/stock-outs/over-stock.
  • Timely alignment of promotional schemes to customer demand thanks to online information ABOUT US demand fluctuations.
  • Timely action on customer feedback thanks to online information availability.
  • Greater visibility at every level of the supply chain.
  • Centralized planning, control and execution thanks to availability of online centralized information repository.
  • Faster response to business need and hence greater business efficiency and cash flow.
  • Better utilization of resource.
  • Complete data integrity.