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AMG Impex delivers Java/JEE applications for its customers by innovating technical solutions which cater to the needs of the business. AMG Impex’s typical application development cycle includes elaboration, architecture, design, construction, deployment and transition. AMG Impex helps clients choose the right life cycle methodology based on the application and team dynamics. AMG Impex has delivered using iterative, spiral, Agile Scrum, Agile XP and Agile FDD successfully to meet client requirements. AMG Impex’s large team of highly skilled AMG Impex/SCJP Java/JEE developers have successfully developed and deployed mission critical applications for more than 100 customers.

JAVA Application development & Maintenance

AMG has architected, designed and implemented enterprise solutions, which are mission critical, scalable, open, reliable and highly available systems. As a practice:
  • AMG uses Industry standard and proven application development frameworks to achieve higher degree of separation between presentation and business layers and improve re-usability.
  • Robust authentication and authorization using PKI over SSL and RBAC based on ACL.
  • The use of Object Oriented Design Methodologies and Design Patterns (J2EE, GOF) has resulted in highly maintainable and extensible applications.
  • AMG offers optimal solution based on the business scenario by building business tiers with appropriate Frameworks which are built on JEE specifications.
  • AMG also has extensive experience in using Object-Relational mapping (ORM) tools like JDO, JPA, Hibernate, iBatis, EJB Entity bean and Top Link to build the persistence layer.

AMG’s Application Development Services include the development of :

  • New applications
  • New features addition
  • Enhancements existing application
  • Building interfaces to existing application
  • Building plug-in to existing application

J2EE Application operations :

AMG has good experience in managing Java/JEE applications. It's operations are in line with ITSM processes. This includes application monitoring, analyzing logs, L1-L3 supports through ticketing system using various tools. AMG also has experience managing Java/JEE application which includes

  • Service management Process
  • Incident management
  • Problem Management Process
  • Change Management Process

Tools used are:

  • Service Center
  • JIRA
  • Confluence
  • Project Wiki (JSP Wiki)
  • Bugzilla